March 17, 2008

BVS Now Has A Private Author’s Blog

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Hello Everyone!

After some consideration I have decided to move most of my public communication with Black Velvet Seductions authors and contracted authors to this format. There are a few reasons for this. First, posting in a blog format keeps all of the messages categorized and organized so that they can be found when they are needed, which also prevents having to post things (like instructions for setting up an Amazon Listmania List) more than once. Second, it allows us a space to brainstorm and discuss where we can all take part in discussions and brainstorming activities without having difficulty with time zones, and without having to rely on email, Yahoo Groups, or distribution lists which have to be updated, and which leave people out of the discussions when they are not adequately updated. I believe it will also make it very easy for me to share things in a quick and easy way…which means you will probably receive a lot more stuff from me. Hopefully some of it will help you or encourage you or make your promotional efforts easier.  It will also make it easier for all of you to share the things you have to share with all of us at BVS. I am also hoping that it allows us to enjoy more of the camaraderie that we enjoy when we have group chats and group brainstorming sessions.

This blog (unlike the other ones we have) is set up to be private. Posts are not supposed to be indexed by Google or other search engines. However, be aware it is the internet…things happen in the internet world that shouldn’t. Don’t post something here that you would be absolutely mortified if it were to become public…because there exists the very small chance that it could.

For those who are new to blogs, as I was a short time ago, here’s how to make sure you don’t miss anything. 🙂

When you view the blog page there is an orange and white square just above the upper corner of the blog page. If you click on that little square it will allow you to subscribe to the blog feed…which means that the computer will automatically update and catalogue new posts in your favorites area if you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser. So…once you click the little orange square you will click where it says subscribe to this feed. Then just check the “feed” tab of the favorites area periodically. The new posts will be there and you will be able to click them. Alternatively you can just visit the blog and see what is new. 🙂  Here is the link to the BVS Author’s Blog. You might want to bookmark it. 🙂

For a little while I will send emails to let everyone know that I’ve added something here. This is TEMPORARY. It is just to get everyone in the habit of looking here for information, links, goodies, etc. It is expected that very quickly everyone will be visiting here without the reminder.



  1. sherryjames said,

    This is great, Laurie. I’m looking forward to all the info you pass our way.


  2. scarletskye said,

    Agreed! This is much appreciated. It will help keep me in the loop and I will not have to worry I may have missed something.. 😉

  3. susangabriel said,

    Super idea Laurie! What a great way to communicate. Ahh, the wonders of technology.


  4. laurie979 said,

    It did sort of hit me that this would be a much better way to conduct group communication than through email which always seems sort of clunky when trying to talk to a group of people and keep everyone in the loop.

    I also like the idea that posts are archived and categorized. I’m sure there will be a ton of information gathered over time and that will be available and helpful to new authors as they join the Black Velvet Seductions family. I have to say…I really do like the ease of blogging. I need to go do some of it on the BVS main blog.

    I am still a bit behind after being out of town most of last week to visit my niece and my first great niece who arrived on Monday March 10 at 5:28 PM.

  5. janicemccabe said,

    Congratulations on your great neice Laurie! All the best to your family! Sorry this note is late in coming……………….Janice

  6. janicemccabe said,

    Hi to all–

    Just a note to say hello and wish you well with your writing. All the best, JC

  7. janice mccabe said,

    Hello to all!

  8. janice mccabe said,

    I thought I’d drop a note to say hi, And to laurie, I realy like that you have listed all the groups we can promote on! Thanks again and talk to you soon! JC Happy holidays! I haven’t been celebrating much these days but on Sunday I’m going to be with my mother and sisters for a bar-b-que. they haven’t seen my kids since Christmas and it will be good to get close again. I’m wishing all of you SAFE AND HEALTHY HOLIDAY! aLL THE BEST, JC

  9. janice mccabe said,

    Hi Laurie,

  10. janice mccabe said,

    have a great week! Lok in your email and find chapter Four edited. FYI

  11. Lee Rush said,

    Well, as usual, I’m late…but finally made it! I’m sorry but I get so wrapped up in stuff in real that I don’t get to do half the stuff that’s in my mind to get done! I’ll try and do better.

    Just came from a really cool discussion with Laurie, Ayn and some others, new to me but maybe not to Laurie and Ayn. Was a good discussion and was good to see them again. I’m planning on making it to future discussions too and hopefully I’ll be able to manage it!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

    Currently working on revisions that I’m making on the chapters Laurie sent me…tell me…is it only me? Or do you read your stuff when you get the edits and then decide you hate what you did? Tsk…so Laurie is gonna get a bunch of changes to go along with the edits and hopefully they won’t suck! LOL

    Is a bit late here but…I wanted to leave a few words. So, I’ll try to avail myself of these pages and learn and leave some words and just say “hi” sometimes.

    Y’all take care now…y’hear?? Smiles and yawns and heads to bed.

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