March 29, 2008

ARe (All Romance Ebooks) Free Promotional Opportunities

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All Romance Ebooks has several free promotional opportunities available for authors. The details are listed below.

All Romance eBooks (ARe) is currently in the process of booking interviews and filling our guest author spots for the next quarter for our Wildfire newsletter. Spaces do tend to fill quickly so please respond as soon as possible if you are interested. The Wildfire is released every Friday to our customer base via email, then archived on our site for up to two years. This is a fabulous free promo opportunity. Each issue contains 2 industry interviews and one free read. Queries should be sent to:

Interview Opportunity:
Interviews are conducted via email. You will be asked to answer 10 questions and provide a short bio, your backlist, a list of any upcoming releases, and relevant links that you would like us to post (i.e. website, blog, newsletter).

Guest Author Column:
We fea! ture one guest author each week who provides a free short read. This can be something previously published or something you intend to publish elsewhere, but it should not be an excerpt. We are open to all sensuality levels and all romance sub-genres. Preferred length is 200-2000 words.

If your submission is accepted, a contract will be sent to you. Established authors may be granted a reserved slot in advance of the manuscript being delivered based on a query. The intent of the contract is to establish that you own the rights to the work and that you are giving us non-exclusive permission to publish it in our newsletter and post it in our archive.

Many authors have used this opportunity to promote upcoming releases by writing a piece related to it. If you don’t have a new work that you are promoting, this is also a good opportunity to remind readers of your work. We always follow the story with a short bio, your backlist, a list of any upcoming releases, and ! relevant links that you would like us to post (i.e. website, blog, new sletter).

Guest authors are given a free “What’s Hot” spot on our home page for one week.

ARe Radio: What’s Hot in Romance
All Romance eBooks selects two authors each week to feature in their one-hour radio show, What’s Hot in Romance that airs live on Internet Voices Radio every Monday at 9:30 pm EST. Links to the podcast will be published in our weekly Wildfire newsletter, on our website, and provided to the author. Each of the two weekly segments will focus on a recent release in the romance genre and will consist of a 15-20 minute interview with the author followed by a 10-15 minute reading done by the author. Send query to


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