April 2, 2008

More on Amazon

Posted in Amazon Sales, BookSurge at 6:22 pm by laurie979

There isn’t much news to pass on in regard to the Amazon/Booksurge maneuver. There have been quite a few more blogs, and other sites picking up on the debate that is raging. However, there is not a lot that is new. If you’ve read the links I sent previously you are pretty well informed on the subject.

There are a few more links, one of them being an open letter from Amazon explaining their reasons for the maneuver. Here are the links for those who are interested in following this.

Amazon’s Open Letter to Interested Parties

Several other links with commentary on the maneuver:


I have received a statement from our printer, Lightning Source. Unfortunately, the letter doesn’t say a lot. Mostly that Lightning Source will continue to monitor the situation, and will continue to offer the same distribution channels that they have always offered.

Black Velvet Seductions has still not been contacted about any of this directly. As of this afternoon our books still had their buy buttons turned on.

I am continuing to monitor the situation and will keep you posted as things change.


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  1. Dale Thompson said,

    After reading the Amazon letter of explanation, I’m convinced they are begging for competition. It would take a relative giant to open a competing business model, but there may be someone willing to take them on.
    In the explanation they list three major decisions, all of which muddied up the book writing/selling business, and all of which brought their wisdom into question. This latest example compounds the issue.
    From their perspective I guess it makes some sense although they haven’t realized that theirs was an inferior POD product. Let’s hope, if we have to succumb to this high-handed tactic, that it is much improved over past performance.
    Ah, if only I hit a huge lottery payoff, I’d…
    Cheers, everyone!

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