May 24, 2008

Contest Anyone?

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:00 pm by laurie979

Hi Guys,

As you are probably all aware Black Velvet Seductions signed with Author Island last month as a publisher associate.

Our association there entitles us to listing of all of our books on the site, to mention in newsletters, and to having a contest listed each month at Author Island.

As you may or may not be aware we have had the Black Velvet Seductions Birthday Bash going on through Author Island throughout the month of May. The contest has brought a number of new visitors to our site to check out our books. Many of the visitors have bought books or signed up to receive our free newsletters, which gives us the opportunity to gently remind them of our books again and again…which tends to eventually result in sales. Our association with Author Island thus far has been generally a very positive one and so is something we plan to continue at least as long as we see value from it.

The intent of our membership at Author Island is for the membership to benefit all Black Velvet Seductions authors. With that in mind, I am trying to put together additional contests to be promoted through Author Island and I want to spread that availability around so that it is available to any author who would like to take advantage.

The author Island promotion of the contest is important as they have quite a bit of traffic…and so having a contest listed there can mean additional traffic to author sites or to the BVS site or BVS blog site.

I am accepting contest proposals to fill upcoming openings for our contest spot at Author Island. If you have an idea for a contest we could do either as a group, or that you could do individually please send your proposals to me.

Contest ideas anyone? Please share them. 🙂


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