October 12, 2008

The devil is in the detail

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Had a little revelation the other day..  it was a combination of things  first a meeting with a great artist..  Chris Christoforou  not only a fantastic artist, but a really nice guy too.  we spent a lot of time talking on a wide variety of subjects, which will no doubt become subjects for subsequent blogs..  we did spend time talking about fine detail and the importance of good quality of reference material.  Following our chat I have been re-evaluating some of my own ideas in art work..  as a parallel to this I have been working on a new short story, a piece called “in the driving seat”  it was intended as a 2500 word short story  but it currently stands at about 11,000  I am working on the second round of edits. Thank you Laurie www.blackvelvetseductions.com    The editing process takes you a while to go through, and most writers sigh when they see the edits.  But the up side and it is a massive up side, you go deeper into the story and the characters.  Without going into to mush of the plot, after all I would like you to buy the story, it is about domestic discipline, spanking to be precise.  The first pass of edits got the story into a rough shape.  Beginning, middle and end.  The second round gets us looking at characters and there motivation and emotions.  I was sat at the pc this morning working on a letter to my editor and publisher and mentioned a bit of detail I was working on and suddenly a little light came on  and I drew a direct comparison between my art and writing.  The analogy I used with painting was.….  the devil is in the detail.. you can draw a tree  and it is a tree..  no question..  but there are lollipop trees, a ball on a stick and trees where you see every leaf, every detail in the bark..  writing for me is the same, the first pass is the sketch.  On the second  come the detail and third yet more detail and observation  detailed emotions is rather akin to fine detail painting.


With the current story “in the driving seat”  by and large I am happy, it has direction and is coming along   a bit slow but solid progress   the scene I am working on takes place in the kitchen and is prior to the spanking in the first found the woman is angry..  but in looking at the character and getting into the character, yes she is angry, but it is more than that, she is resentful.  The male lead has just ordered her to strip.  If I had kept is as angry she would tell him to bugger off, or maybe worse, to make the scene work, she has to strip so changing the emotion to resentful she will do what he says begrudgingly.  It was that parallel with fine detail which got me there, seeing the depth of emotion in the same way as I look for the fine detail in art.


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