April 18, 2009

Stories of passed and present

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It is funny, you write a story.. you promote the story.. and while you are promoting the story you start writing the next.. your story when writing it means everything to you it is so deeply personal.. and yet a couple of years after it is in print and you are working on your fifth story.. the first story is something of a distant memory. Well that was how it was for me with the story “The Anniversary” it is a story that for what is basically is a romance, deals with some pretty strong emotional subject mater.
When the book was released from, [www.blackvelvetseductions.com] (http://www.blackvelvetseductions.com/Crimson%20Z.html) and the story appears in the anthology the Crimson Z, I receives some complementary reviews. Over the following couple of years I have had a few comments. Then I received this

Richard, I don’t know if you will see my comments here, but I just had to say that I just read The Anniversary and I bawled liked a baby at the end. I have read several bdsm type stories, but they don’t hole a riding crop to your story here. Great action between Peter and Evelyn, for sure but to be expected in a bdsm story. But then you mixed the subgenre up by adding James, so vanilla he couldn’t tie a decent knot when he tried. That doesn’t matter one iota because his love for Evelyn is just a real and consuming as Peter’s was for her. Evelyn is a great conflicted heroine. When she gets in her car after leaving Peter, well I lost it just as she did. Who knew that a bdsm story could be hot and touching at the same time. Thanks for a great story. M M

What a lovely thing to say, I found myself reliving some of the things that produced the emotions I drew on when I first wrote the story.. What surprised me most was how deeply it touched me again.. My current work in progress “The Trainer” is also very emotionally charged and deals with deep relationship issues with in a D/s marriage.. Just kind of made me wonder how long the feelings would last for the current story… I guess time will tell



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