July 12, 2008

MUSE Online Conference For Authors

Posted in Free Workshop at 2:41 pm by laurie979

For those who like to attend writing conferences…and for those who like the learning but not necessarily the cost, there is the MUSE Online Conference. Details are below. It is a great conference. I taught a workshop there last year and I recommend doing that as a means to promote your books.

Here’s the scoop.

Please pass this email to all your writing buddies and let them know
that registration for the Muse Online Writers Conference is now open.

DEADLINE: September 1st, 2008.

Don’t miss this annual FREE conference offering you tons of FREE
workshops and chat workshops for one entire week.

HELD: October 13 – 19, 2008.

SITE: http://www.themuseonlinewritersconference.com/

Please click on REGISTRATIONS and register today.

If for some reason you have difficulty registering, feel free to email
me at: museitupeditor@ yahoo.ca

Thank you

Lea Schizas


June 2, 2008

Free Workshop on Online and Offline Promotion

Posted in Free Workshop at 12:59 pm by laurie979

Coffee Time is hosting an online workshop on online and offline promotion. It is on their forum board so is the kind of thing you can drop in, read, and participate in at your leisure. You can visit the forum here.

No matter how good any of us are at promotion I am sure there are things that each of us can learn and do better. I will myself be dropping in and reading the posts.

I hope to see all of you there too.